A theme for the Pelican blog software. See demo at http://blog.liberaforms.org
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A theme for the Pelican blog software.

Responsive theme for Pelican Static Site Generator, Powered by Python Programming language.

Shameless copy of Pelican-Blue


Main differences are:

  • Articles published under the Releases category are displayed in the navbar.
  • Google font has been removed.
  • Proprietory Social media links have been removed.
  • Plausible tracker.

Plausible tracker

Add a new variable to pelicanconf.py


A script entry is added to the HTML head like so

<script defer data-domain="your.domain.com" src="/js/stats.js"></script>

/js/stats.js must be reversed proxied to point to your Plausible installation.



You can see the theme in action at http://blog.liberaforms.org


Pretty much the same as Pelican-Blue

Clone it here https://forja.laloka.org/buttle/pelican-red