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buttle 48ebde6c19 adds id to icon tag 8 months ago
xaloc ebc3ce809b afegir accents socies 9 months ago
xaloc 301e9accaf afegir accents formacions 9 months ago
xaloc 8908454a08 afegir accents mitjans-socials 9 months ago
xaloc e158b34473 afegir accents i correccions ortogràfiques pàgina principal i subpàgines 9 months ago
xaloc be026cdc34 afegir accents pàgina participa 9 months ago
xaloc ba2281f38e afegir accents pàgina associació 9 months ago
buttle 9a9fe9fe79 makes logo more responsive 12 months ago
titi 68ed5c544c afegeix logo en petit per a responsive 12 months ago
buttle 258f174c48 fixes header image 12 months ago
buttle 9aa5a93375 fixes footer fediverse image 12 months ago
buttle 931be59e5f make images responsive 12 months ago
titi c2c5088c68 afegeix imatges eines 12 months ago
titi c117fb29e4 Arregla enllaç. 12 months ago
titi f8c9e25c29 Arregla enllaços de html a md. 12 months ago
buttle 21ed71af3b updates README 1 year ago
buttle 98d3e66e94 changes source url in footer 1 year ago
buttle 028b2aa049 css fixes. footer changes 1 year ago
buttle 2bb46c493a edits README 1 year ago
buttle 9fec6861b8 creates mitjans-socials directory 1 year ago
buttle 2feb454999 reduces padding on smaller screens 1 year ago
buttle a43fde3436 vertically aligns menu with content 1 year ago
buttle 604e64cd1f improves navbar responsiveness 1 year ago
buttle 0adc1957d6 renames _included html files 1 year ago
buttle 7f2d503cad fixes broken div 1 year ago
buttle 468f656161 fixes favicon 1 year ago
buttle 03a22ea6fa edits footer 1 year ago
buttle 498623788a updates README.md 1 year ago
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